We believe that creativity is limitless, but quality concepts come first – hence the name First Concept.

What we do

We specialise in providing a wide variety of education related product services including design and production, to relevant institutes.

Who we are

First Concept Pte Ltd is a creative agency that specialises in providing customised design and fabrication services for an array of education related products. We take pride in understanding and offering solutions tailored to individual needs.


Our organisation personifies a new face and a state-of-the-art direction. We boast a team of skilful and experienced members in design communication, prints, product customisation and events. We pride ourselves on delivering our immense knowledge in these fields to relevant institutes to create stimulating educational materials that enrich teaching and learning experiences for educators and students alike.


Some of our speciality products include:

  •   Activity kits for the out-of-textbook learning experiences
  •   Customised gifts and stationeries for educational campaigns
  •   Interactive set-ups to provide visual and hands-on learning experiences
  •   Educational games that add a whole lot of fun to learning
  •   Exhibits and props for creating conducive learning environments
  •   Teaching resources and publications aesthetically designed with style and illustrations to allure learners
  •   Murals, banners and posters that draw viewer’s attentions to bring across key messages



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